martes, 27 de marzo de 2012


Recently we’ve received lots of users’ comments and questions about ZPIW+. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions.

• Do I have to buy a new continue if I use one? 
No, not necessarily. The continue (also the grenade) is one-time use in that play, but every time you start a new game, you have one more continue. The number of the purchased continues is added to the initial value.

• After uninstalling and reinstalling, the game asks me to purchase the products I’ve bought in the past. Do I have to repurchase them?
Don’t worry. You can restore your shopping. Please go into the shop of the game and touch the button with a down arrow on the upper right corner of the screen. Then all products you’ve bought in the past start to be downloaded automatically.

• I’ve bought the All-In-One pack. Is there a charge for downloading the coming soon contents (Survival Mode and Alice in Wonderland levels)?
No, you can download them for free.

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